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« The stories that I tell in my songs are the pictures that I didnt get to take with my camera »

The meeting

“Esquina Sur” existed several years ago, Claudio already played with other musicians. It was at the annual festival « Musica Viva » that “Esquina” found its roots. In fact, Claudio and Mario met there through other musicians friends.

The two men quickly realized their mutual love for music and, having the luck to cross, began to play together.

They were also joined by other musicians at meetings or parties because “Esquina Sur” is in based a duo, but it adapts in several formations that range from the trio to the quartet.

The influences.

The secret of the musical richness of “Esquina Sur” is the musical and cultural variety of its members.

Claudio, the singer, never heard a single musical genre, grew up in the inland of Buenos Aires and packed his bags for the capital at the age of 18. He has always been attracted to Argentine folk, Uruguayan candombe, acoustic blues and Brazilian music, but at the beginning his goal was rather to play with his friends than to perform music. Little by little he approached it.

From his native Argentina, he brought several sunny sounds along with blues and African music.

His arrival in Switzerland was in the early 90s, only accompanied by his guitar, he composed a lot during his early years on Helvetic soil. He reorganized his songs with the help of new influences and new life experiences, including tango, the musical style he loves. In his own words, the lyrics of his songs could come from tango, while the chords are more eclectic.

As for Mario, the guitarist, his love for music comes from his childhood. From an early age, his father, also a guitarist, put a guitar in his hands. It was the beginning of a love story between this man and his instrument. He played all styles, rock, blues, folk or gypsy guitar among others.

Claudio defines what he does as a fusion of South American music. Mario talks about world music, given the diversity of cultural influences they have.

If Esquina Sur were a woman, it would be, according to the opinions of its creators: curious, rooted in reality, free, independent and feminine.

Esquina Sur on stage

Esquina Sur has played in several places including:

–       Nouveau Monde in Fribourg

–       Ancienne Poste in Montreaux

–       La Spirale in Fribourg

–       La Casona Latina in Lausanne

–       Le tunnel in Fribourg

–       Théâtre de la Marionette in Fribourg.

–       Festival for peace in Fribourg.

–       RFI in Fribourg

–       Fnac in Fribourg

The group also had the opportunity to participate in several radio programs that include « In the shadow of the Baobab » on Radio Friborg and “Radio” on RTS.

In 2011 they also participated in the final of the “Saturday Night Jam” contest organized by Radio FR at La Spirale in Friborg.

Record production

  1. « Esquina Sur » CD 1999 ‘live on the spiral’
  2. Esquina Sur © Suisa. 2015. Recorded, mixed and mastered in « Studio Carte Postale » by Massimo Bonomo.

You can also find us on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon, Deezer, Napster, Rapshody, Tidal.